Meet Our Staff

DSC_8615_1Hi, I am Kristin Gunderson.

I am married to Kyle Gunderson, a Houston Fire Fighter, and I have two sons and a step-daughter. We moved to Waller in 2009. Originally, I was working in Houston, but quickly realized that the 2.5 hour drive to and from work daily was not worth the commute, so I decided to start working out of my home to help the community of Waller and surrounding areas. Within a year, I decided it was time to move to another location and hire my first employee. We have continued to grow, and I would like to introduce you to my staff below.

Kristin’s Mission Statement: To strive to keep the proper priorities and balance in my life with keeping God first, my husband second, my kids third and my business fourth. I want to be known by my family as a dedicated, caring and loving wife and mother; by my business associates as a fair and honest person; and by my friends and employees as someone they can look up to and they can depend on. I want my kids to grow up knowing what hard work is, and to find something that they love and are passionate about and to make a career out of it. My mission is to become debt free and to teach my children to be good stewards of money. I want all of my work, personal and business, to be a product of God’s inspiration and a blessing to my family, friends and community.

Hi, I am Olivia Guel.

I have been married for 29 years to Randy Guel, and we have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. I love spending time with my family and friends as well as listening to music, shopping and traveling.  I have several years of accounting experience after earning my Accounting Specialist Certificate from The Texas School of Business in 2005. I have been with Gundersons Bookkeeping for two years, May 20, 2017 and love what I do. Prior to Gundersons Bookkeeping I worked for a private investigation company in Houston, Texas, as the office manager as well as handling all the bookkeeping and payroll.

Olivia’s Mission Statement:  My mission on this earth is to be the person God has asked me to be, which is to be in His image.  What I mean by that, is to follow his characteristics of being generous, humble, forgiving, loving, caring and selfless.  I have striven to be that person and even though I have had some setbacks, I have tried to correct those setbacks and continued to move forward.  I have a wonderful, but at times, crazy family, that I love unconditionally and I will always put them first and foremost.  I have leaped into the business world doing what I have studied hard for and love to do, and there too I wish to share with others the joy of working hard and doing my best to accomplish my goal of being debt free in the distant future.  I plan to live life to the fullest with what God has in store for my loving husband and me.  Until my time comes to an end, I will joyfully share the love and understanding that our Father in Heaven has given each one of us.

Hi, I am Emilee Traylor.

I recently graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting. I joined the team here at Gundersons Bookkeeping in February 2017. I hope to grow as an accountant and learn from the amazing team Kristin has put together. I was born and raised in the greater Houston area and now reside in Cypress, Texas with my family.  I love spending time outdoors with my Australian Shepard, Sadie, whether it be playing fetch in the back yard, hiking through the nature trails or relaxing along side a river bank. Above all else I love giving back to the community. All through college I was very involved in an organization called “Project Sunshine” which is a nonprofit that provides free educational, recreational and social programs to children and their families living with medical challenges. I am also involved in the CyWoods FFA Booster Club.

Emilee’s Mission Statement: My mission in life is to model all aspects of my life to reflect my Christian beliefs and values of faith, hope, and love. I will constantly be striving to be the best version of myself and hope to inspire others to do the same. I want to be known as a person that my family and friends can depend on no matter what the circumstance is. I believe the value of education is priceless and hope to further my own by obtaining my CPA. I hope through hard work and dedication I can reach my dream of owning my own business.

Howdy, I am Kennedy Ellis.

I am currently attending Texas A&M as an Industrial Distribution major and I am set to graduate in the Spring of 2020… A-A-A-A-A!! I graduated from Waller High School in 2016 and have been working for Gundersons Bookkeeping since the fall of 2015. My family is the center of my whole life and I take great joy in being able to spend time with them since I have left home to attend college. I enjoy reading, dancing, and the world-famous Texas Aggie Football games! Apart from my family and hobbies, my faith has been my greatest aspiration and I continue to grow in it as a serve my community, family, and friends with a compassionate hand.

Kennedy’s Mission Statement: My mission in life is to be the most compassionate friend, daughter, and person I can. I want to be known as a person who opened their arms to anyone in their time of need and grief, the one who always took responsibility into their own hands, and looked out for those around them.  I always want to be the person someone can depend on and trust to get the job done accurately and in a timely fashion. One day I hope to have a family, be financially stable and care for my mother in her old age.  I would love to look back in 20 years and be proud of the life I created for myself.  Through hard work and perseverance, I know I can make my dream a reality.

                                                                      Hi, I am Hayley Kiser.
I am currently attending Waller High School and I’m about to enter my junior year. I play for the Waller High School Varsity softball team and this will be my second returning year. Softball and family makes up my whole world. The time I don’t spend on the softball field I spend with my friends and family. I love staying involved with my sister and her sports also, I want her to always know I’ve got her back and support her from the stands.
Hayley’s Mission Statement: My mission is to continue being the hard worker and social person I am. I want to be someone one my friends and family can turn to in time of need or when they just want to talk. After college I want to become a nurse and use what my grandmother has taught me; be compassionate and patient to become an outstanding nurse and person. When I graduate I want my sister to have a role model to look up to and my parents to know how well they did raising me.