Income Taxes



Reducing taxes • Shielding against government penalties
 • Minimizing the probability of an audit




***Starting for tax season 2016 – Any new clients that come in will be charged a nonrefundable down payment of $150 for Gundersons Bookkeeping to do their tax return.  Once the tax return is complete the $150 will be applied to their balance due.  Their balance due, is due upon pickup of their tax return.  If their tax return preparation fee is less than $150, then we will refund them the difference.  If a new client decides not to use Gundersons Bookkeeping after all, this deposit will be kept for our fee on time spent on the return.

Want to Book an Appointment?

Standard Services for Tax Preparation Clients

  • Free Electronic Filing
  • Half Price on Preparation of Dependent Children’s Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Out-of-State Returns
  • Year-Round Tax Assistance
  • $25 Fee Rebates or Gift Cards given for Referrals
  • SmartVault electronic storage for all clients. If you lose your tax return, just call and we can give you access to your Vault to download your tax return(s).

Tax Preparation

Preparing your own income tax return can be a huge task that leaves you with more questions than answers.

Whether we like it or not, today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can get confusing. With the tax laws changing every year, it is just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program, there is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

How much will it cost?

Unfortunately we can not give you a flat rate for your taxes. To make it fair, we price the tax returns based off of which forms we need to prepare for your income taxes. If you would like a quote, we will need your last years tax return, and we can give you a quote based off of last years tax return. Please note, that the price of your tax return may be different due to additional forms that are needed for this year, or any other changes from the prior year compared to this year.

If you decide you want a second opinion after we prepare your tax return for you, that is fine. However, we will be charging you for our time that we spent on your tax return ($100 an hour). If you decide to have us do your tax return after taking it someplace else, we will use that money towards your tax return preparation fee.

Books a Mess… No Problem!

If you own a small business and have not kept up with your bookkeeping, it’s okay! We can help you. We will prepare your bookkeeping for the year, prepare a full Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we will help you set up an easy system that will allow you to keep your books in shape for next year. If your books are a mess, and we need to do the bookkeeping for you, you will be charged the hourly bookkeeping rate (tax season hourly bookkeeping rate $100). If you do your own bookkeeping and have a printed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss for us, or everything neatly summarized on a spreadsheet, you will not be charged the hourly bookkeeping rate, just the fee to do your tax return. If you would like to discuss having us do your bookkeeping throughout the year, we do have monthly bookkeeping packages that fit everyone’s budget. All of our monthly bookkeeping packages are automatically debited from your bank account / credit card on the 1st or 15th of each month for your convenience. We also use current technology to make your life easier and to keep everything secure. Ask us for more information.

Want Gundersons Bookkeeping to do your taxes?

Please print and fill out the Client Organizer. Also, please print, read, and sign the Client Agreement. Once these two documents and all of your tax documents are together feel free to stop in during our office hours and drop it off. You do not need to make a tax appointment. If we have any questions, we will contact you by phone or email. Once your tax return is complete, we will call you with the results. Our fee is due upon pickup, and we will need you to sign Form 8879 for us to E-File your tax return. It’s that simple!

My Personal Guarantee:
 We will prepare your taxes based off of the information you provide us with. If we make an mistake that is our fault, we will correct the error and reimburse you for any penalties you incur. If we make a mistake due to you not providing us with a form, or an omission on your part, we will be glad to correct your tax return for you, but you will be charged the fee to amend it.