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Many thanks for helping me out when I was in a bind! I allowed my books to get so far behind that I was in over my head. I had just a few days before I needed to have 2 years worth of balance sheets and Profit and Loss statements for my new accountant. He wanted an exorbitant amount of money to sort out my mess. I knew Kristen from the Sunday School class we used to attend together and I knew she was trust worthy and dependable, and also that she had just started her own bookkeeping firm. What I didn’t know however, was how willing she was to help me out, though her family was set to leave for vacation the next day! She came up with a solution for my problem and had my books done within 24 hours of her return from vacation. Not only was my accountant pleased with her work, she was quite efficient completing the work in a fraction of his projected cost. She was not only an answer to prayer but well worth the money! I will never do my own books again!
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