Meet Our Stellar New Team Members!

We are so excited for Lydia as she moves onto the next chapter of her life. She has been the intern at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping for the last two years. We are so grateful to have had her on our team. She will be heading to the University of North Texas in the fall where she plans to major in accounting. We wish her the best and we will miss her. Here is a message from Lydia, 

“I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping. I have learned so much and I am excited to say that I want to continue my journey in accounting by getting my degree in it. I have loved seeing our team grow at Gundersons and I am excited to see how it continues to be a success.”

New Employees

Howdy!  My name is Billy Kepler and I am Bookkeeper at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping.  I am driven by my 5 core values, Faith, Family, Health, Business and Community.  Being here at Gundersons is allowing me the opportunity to follow the things that I love. I will be taking over all of Lydia’s clients so that we can make a seamless transition. 

My name is Stacey Wilkerson and I have 30 years of experience in accounting, finance and bookkeeping. I strive to build strong relationships with clients and provide excellent customer service at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping.  I am married to Johnny Wilkerson and we have four children and four grandchildren.

Every year our company attends a small business conference called Entreleadership. Every year we gain so much knowledge and new tips to implement into our business. One of our favorites this year was making sure that our business had a Bull Moose mentality.  

The bull moose is an icon of raw power and unwavering determination. Ever witnessed one standing tall, facing off against the harshest of blizzards in the frosty wilderness? There’s a lesson there.

Uncommon resilience. That’s the Bull Moose mentality. The bull moose doesn’t cower at the sight of a storm. It squares its shoulders, digs its hooves into the frozen earth and faces the storm head-on. It doesn’t seek the shelter of the trees. Instead, it becomes the shelter, an unmovable force against nature’s fury. In business, we need to channel that Bull Moose mentality. We must stand tall in the face of adversity, maintain our ground during market storms, and continue to push forward when the conditions are against us.

The Bull Moose doesn’t alter its course because of a storm. It remains steadfast, knowing its strength and resilience are unyielding.

The business forest is filled with storms. Economic downturns. Market volatility. Competitor advances. These are our blizzards. And we, like the bull moose, must face them with an unwavering resolve. Embrace the storm. Become the shelter. Next time you find your company, your team, or yourself in the middle of a business blizzard, remember the Bull Moose. Stand tall. Stand firm. Show the storm what you’re made of. Be the Bull Moose in your industry.

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