Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping

Our passion is to help small business owners grow, be profitable, and to prosper.

Our firm supports small to mid-sized business owners who are not employing full time or part-time bookkeepers. Our goal is to free the business owners from the tedious task of bookkeeping and help them focus in the operations, growth and profitability of their businesses. Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping is your business solutions partner, offering a broad range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

Passion – we love our work because we help our clients be successful in all aspects of their business including their resources and their legacy.

Be a team member – You can trust us to take care of you because we trust you to take care of our clients.Doing the right things is the only decision that you need to make on a daily basis.

Respect and love for ourselves, our team, our clients, and our community – being our true self is the most powerful thing to do every day.

Client Service Satisfaction –Our clients rely on us to solve their problems and hold us accountable to always achieve “excellence.”

Fun – Work is important and having fun is a part of working hard at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping.

Stewardship and Compassion – We believe in a healthy “You” leads to a healthy “team” which gives prosperity to our clients and our community.

Our Team


Kristin Gunderson, Owner

Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Superior with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management in 2003. University of Phoenix - Houston, with a Masters Accounting in 2006. Married to Kyle Gunderson, and we have two sons and a step daughter.

Stacey Wilkerson, Bookkeeper

My name is Stacey Wilkerson and I have 30 years of experience in accounting, finance and bookkeeping. I strive to build strong relationships with clients and provide excellent customer service at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping.  I am married to Johnny Wilkerson and we have four children and four grandchildren.


Samantha King, Bookkeeper

My name is Samantha King and I am a Bookkeeper at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping. I live in Seabrook with my husband and two daughters, and we love to travel. I am so proud to be a part of the Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping team!

Billy Kepler, Bookkeeper

Howdy!  My name is Billy Kepler and I am Bookkeeper at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping.  I am driven by my 5 core values, Faith, Family, Health, Business and Community.  Being here at Gundersons is allowing me the opportunity to follow the things that I love. I will be taking over all of Lydia's clients so that we can make a seamless transition.

Want to Relax?

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