Proper and accurate bookkeeping can give you a clear picture about what is going on inside your business.

“Are you working IN or ON your business?” Most business owners are constantly working in their business, but never working on their business. So, where has your business been in the past? Where do you stand now? Where are you heading?

Certainly you would never drive your car blindfolded. However, without the valuable information that comes from your financials records, business owners are running their business, in a sense, “in the dark” but not “in The Black”!

Timely bookkeeping can spot trends and potential growth within your company We will give you the control to be able to manage your business profitably. Not only will you receive accurate and timely profit and loss statements and balance sheets that will allow you to monitor your business and gain control of your cash flow. But, we also consult with you about the direction your business could be heading. Our guidance in profit building strategies will prove valuable, and having a second opinion will help you make better business decisions.

We will help you reduce your taxes, gain control over your cash, and finally, aid you in increasing your profit.

Gundersons Bookkeeping can take on as much or as little of your bookkeeping as you need help with. Once we meet with you and determine your needs, we can give you a monthly bookkeeping fee. We prefer to charge you just a monthly fee compared to charging by the hour. This allows businesses to know and budget for our fees.