Stay Ahead of Tax Deadlines: Important Updates Inside!


Kristin will be out of town for the tax deadline, so our tax deadline is April 9th, 2024.

All taxes need to be paid, and the 8879 form signed by April 9th, or you will be granted an extension.

The extension price is $59.

Elizabeth will reach out to you this week if we have not heard from you about your taxes, to determine if we are still handling your taxes, if you want us to file an extension, and to obtain your payment information for the extension.

Please call the office or email us to indicate that you need an extension, and we will send the invoice to you. No extensions will be filed without payment.

Estimated Taxes

Just a reminder that 1st quarter estimated taxes are due April 15th. 

Franchise Tax Reports

For all of our business tax clients, who have an LLC, your Franchise tax reports are due 5/15/24. If Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping has done your taxes, we have not done your franchise tax reports yet with the state of Texas. We are waiting until after the April 15th income tax deadline to do them since it is our busy season. If you don’t want us to do them, please let us know that you are handling it yourself. Otherwise, we will do them starting at the end of April/beginning of May for the May 15th deadline. We will email the completed franchise tax report, and the invoice once it is done.

Tax Documents and Administrative Documents

If you need to give us any documents please send them to or upload them into your smart vault. 

If you are a bookkeeping client, you can continue emailing documents to your bookkeeper or uploading them to you smart vault.

If you have any general questions regarding your invoice, or any other general questions, please email or call 936-372-2661. Elizabeth can answer most general questions, if she can’t, she will get you on the calendar to talk with Kristin. It’s tax season, and Kristin is very limited on time, so emails to Kristin may take several days to get a response. 

Tax Projections

Kristin has been learning about how to offer tax strategy and planning for clients. So, if you believe you should be paying less in taxes, think you should be set up differently, or are unsure about your business and taxes in general, Kristin will now be offering 45-minute to 1-hour meetings, either in person or via Zoom. These discovery calls are priced at $500.

They will be comprehensive, involving many questions about personal and business matters so that Kristin can fully understand your situation, ensure you are set up properly, and provide advice on tax savings and implementable tax strategies. These calls will start in May, so if you would like to get on the list, please reach out to Elizabeth to schedule an appointment with Kristin.

Update on Our Team

One of our core values at Gundersons CFO & Bookkeeping is service which is we approach our work with a sense of fun, understanding that work is important, but enjoying what we do is equally vital to our success.

Read down below to hear about what we did for spring break. 

Kristin was able to sneak away for a family vacation for Spring Break in March. This is the first family vacation with Kristin’s side of the family ever. They went to Gatlinburg, TN. Kristin’s family came down from Wisconsin.

Lydia took the chance to take a break from work and college to go to the beach for most of Spring Break. She ended the week off by going to see Zac Brown Band at the Houston Rodeo with some friends. 

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