Stay Ahead of the Curve: Essential Tax Deadlines You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Gold Star Client Discount

If you get ALL of your tax documents to us in the door or uploaded into SmartVault by February 15th, you will get either a $50 or a $75 discount off of your tax return.

Tax Deadlines

MARCH 15TH-  Form 1065 or Form 1120S are due
APRIL 15TH- Personal taxes and C-Corps are due

We are requesting that all personal tax returns come to us by March 22, 2024 if you want them to be filed by the April 15th deadline.

For all business tax returns, please have them to us by February 29th so that we can file them by the March 15th deadline.

Kristin is going to be out of town to go to a conference April 10th-April 14th, so our tax deadline is April 8th, to pay your invoice and sign your 8879 so that Kristin can e-File them on April 9th before she heads out of town.

We will be filing extension for any tax returns coming in after March 22nd, and the price is $59 which is due before we file the extension for you. 

The New Corporate Transparency Act

Due to liability purposes we are not filing these reports for you, but you can click the links down below to file and learn more. 

Click here to file 

Click here to learn about the reporting requirements and the Q&A site. 

Billy is one of the bookkeepers that is a part of our team and he works remotely from Las Vegas. In December, Kristin went to Vegas to go meet him in person, and to build a stronger team. Team and culture is crucial to any business. What are you doing to build culture and your team at your business?


Part of our core values is to leave a lasting legacy. At a conference, Kristin went to a few weeks ago, she decided to give back even more to the community. Currently, we give $5 per tax return to a non-profit of your choice (from a list of 4). Kristin decided to do this for each monthly bookkeeping client also. She has decided to let each of the bookkeepers decide a non-profit they are passionate about to add to the list. 

So starting next month, we will be sending out an email to each of our monthly bookkeeping clients to decide where they would like their $5 per month to go to which of the charities we have selected. So please be on the look out for that, and make sure to fill out the google form. We will have a short video explaining what each non-profit is, so you can make an educated decision. This way our team members and out clients have a say in where our charity dollars are going!

This donation will not be an additional charge, it will be coming from our profits. 

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