“BALANCE”: It’s something YOU create

This Sunday is Mother’s day. This day is meant for us to honor our mothers and those mothers who have made a significant difference in our lives. It’s also a reminder that a lot of these mothers have double duty – being a mom as well as a business woman. The idea of balance doesn’t just affect mothers though; everyone has life interest outside of the work place.

At Gundersons Bookkeeping we feel strongly about this. It’s one of our core values and beliefs “Balance – to maintain healthy family, life and work balance.” Studies have shown that employees who have a positive work-life balance do a better job at work, so promoting this balance is beneficial to not only the employees, but the employer as well.

Here are a few “benefits” you can offer your employees to promote the work-life balance.

> Flexible work schedules: This could include job sharing, telecommuting and flex time.

> Paid time off: This is not federally regulated; however some states have paid family leave laws in place: California, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. These are currently funded by employee contributions; no employer contribution is required.

> Company Sponsored Family Events: Being able to bring the family along to the company Christmas party or Annual BBQ.

> Community Engagement: Offering eight hours per year of paid volunteer time to your employees as an incentive to get involved in important community causes.

As we recognize our mother’s this weekend let’s take time to reflect on our “work-life” balance. Having these “benefits” in place is one thing, but actually implementing them and encouraging your staff to take time for “life” is another. Helping employees to achieve a good work life balance increases work satisfaction, increases their loyalty to their employer, and helps employers to achieve career longevity.

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