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This year has been an insane year. Basically, one of your worst nightmares happened to us in January with my Step-Daughter getting diagnosed with Cancer. Thankfully, the prognosis was good, she got the best cancer to have, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is very treatable and there is a like 92% survival rate for children. I will say, that even though the prognosis was good, the journey hasn’t been easy. I think it makes it even harder when its a split family. My team at work has been wonderful and completely stepped up when I needed them to. I am so thankful for my team and my clients.
A few days before Anna got diagnosed with cancer, Gundersons Bookkeeping decided to create a team for the Relay for Life on May 5th. I didn’t know why we created the team at first besides maybe for marketing purposes, but then it turned personal and we had a “reason” for being a part of the Relay for Life. Our team ended up raising over $2,750! Waller County together beat its goal and raised just under $100,000 for cancer research & support.  

Some new things happening at the office… You should have noticed we have Tom Witanek, our in-house CPA now. He started mid-December. We also hired Emilee Traylor, who graduated from Sam Houston State University in December in Accounting. She is our tax specialist, and we are training her in now on the bookkeeping side of the business. Both are great additions to our team.

With Tom on our Team, we have now been able to provide more value to our clients. We started having our bookkeeping clients come in this year for a 3-year review. We have also gone over our clients goals so we know what they are. It is our goal, to help our clients reach their goals. All of our clients who have come in so far have found tremendous value in our one hour meeting. If we haven’t been able to get you on the schedule yet, please talk to Emilee at the office to make an appointment. Also, some of our clients have taken the time to answer our questionnaire the TRUST, which has you take the time to really think about your business and where you are today and what you need to do to improve your business. The TRUST is a tool that we can use to help you reach your business goals and to help keep you accountable. If there are items on your assessment that you cannot complete on your own, we are here to help you with that also.

Another new service we are going to roll out in the next few months is a mid-year review for our tax clients. We will sit down with you for up to an hour to go over where you are sitting now with your taxes. Do you need to have more withheld from your paycheck? Do you need to make estimated taxes? Do you need to change your withholding because you are getting too much back at the end of the year? What can you do to reduce your taxable income? These are all things we will cover in this meeting to help you. There will be a charge for this meeting, but we will be giving you a 10% discount on your taxes next year if you take advantage of the mid-year tax review. If you would like to sign up for this meeting, please call Emilee to make an appointment.

Last year we started doing quarterly Lunch-N-Learns at our office. We bring in lunch and these events are free. On May 31st, we are having Katie Matthews with Edward Jones come in to talk about Making Your Money Last. She will be talking about long term care, budgeting, and budgeting for college and retirement. We still have room to sign up if you can make it. On Monday, June 19th, we will be having Victoria Shaw with ADP come in and talk about managing across workplace generations. On Wednesday, July 26th, I will be speaking about Profit First. The normal accounting equation is Sales – Expenses = Profit. I would like to talk to you about switching our mind set to change that equation to Sales – Profit = Expenses. Yes, I know this is more than quarterly, consider it a bonus. If you would like to sign up for the lunch-n-learns, please call Emilee at the office.

We now have our very own app! Both Android and Apple users, go to your app store and type in Gundersons Bookkeeping to download your free app today. There is a mileage tracker, receipt manager, our contact info, and more. Let us know what you think about it! When we get to 100 app downloads, we will be having a drawing for a free gift card!

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