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2018 Tax Changes

Sep 19, 2018

Kristin spoke at the Waller Area Chamber networking Luncheon on 9/19/2018. Here are the slides from the presentation I promised! 2018 Tax Changes – Updated

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Should you be paying estimated tax payments?

Sep 6, 2018

You have a week left to make your 3rd Quarterly tax payment on time! If you are an employee and you get taxes taken out of your check this most likely doesn’t pertain to you. Estimated taxes typically pertain to the self-employed or those of you who have income other…

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The Key to being Successful Starts Within: By Emilee Traylor

Aug 29, 2018

The key to being successful starts within. As a team here at Gundersons we take pride in self-development. We believe so highly in this that we ask all new employees to read 6 books in their first 90 days. Might sound crazy right? I mean they are just starting a…

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Customer Service by: Emilee Traylor

Aug 16, 2018

Most small businesses get their clients by word of mouth of current clients. This is because clients who believe they have received great customer service will tell their friends, families, coworkers, ect. about your business. 10 years ago this might not have been the most effective way to market your…

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Pros and Cons about Internships by Emilee Traylor

Jul 26, 2018

Today is National Intern Day! As you near the end of your college career you are probably starting to wonder if you should take an internship before you apply for your first professional job. The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem. Most internships are like having a full…

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