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Business v. Hobby By Emilee Traylor

Jul 12, 2018

Have you recently started a side business? Or are you thinking about turning a hobby into a side business? Well there are a few things you need to know regarding your taxes. If your business claims a net loss for too many years the IRS may classify it as a…

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Why it’s important to know how to read your financials

Jul 5, 2018

Why it’s important to know how to read your financials You can think of your financial statements like your report card for your business. They show you the performance and value of your company. Financial statements are what your investors use to measure your company.  Below are the primary financial…

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Hitched? My tips to make an easy switch. By Emilee Traylor

Jun 27, 2018

Recently married? Well first of all I would like to say Congratulations! Now as you experience this whole new world as man and wife you will come across a few things you probably didn’t plan for… One of those things is filing your taxes. Below are a few tips to…

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What I Learned in my Transition to Adulthood After College… By Emilee Traylor

Jun 21, 2018

I can remember it like it was yesterday… Walking across the stage at graduation thinking all the late nights of studying was worth it. I had officially graduated Sam Houston State with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. I graduated in December so I packed up and left for…

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Jun 13, 2018

For those of you who have kids, one thing you worry about is how you will pay for their college education. Investment companies and state governments created an account called “529 Plans” back in 1996 to help ease the burden of college tuition. These are usually categorized as prepaid or…

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