Tax Deadlines Extended

Dear Clients and Friends,

     I hope everyone is doing okay and has recovered well from the “Snowmageddon”. I know many of you are wondering when we will be closing on our new office. We were ready to close before the “Snowmageddon” hit Texas and unfortunately, that date has been pushed back to what is looking like the second week of March. No need to worry though. We are dedicated and working hard on taxes until we get in our office. In the meantime, we are meeting at The Real Grind Coffeehouse in Waller or you can upload any tax documents to Smart Vault. We are flexible to assist you in any way that we can.

Tax Deadlines Extended

The new tax deadline is June 15th. We understand that many of you are still waiting to receive all of your paperwork. Please don’t wait until the deadline to get your taxes done if you can help it. We want to encourage you to get them done as soon as you can. We appreciate each of you and look forward to doing business with you!

Star Employee

We are overjoyed to announce Baby King is on the way!

We are so excited to announce that Emilee has had her 4 year work anniversary with us! Kristin is proud of her and would like to pause and personally recognize her for her achievements. Kristin has been training Emilee to do many things that Kristin does.  Emilee has been doing so well that she brought in her first bookkeeping client on her own! 

We value our customers and take them serious.

At Gundersons Bookkeeping we take our customer service highly and work together as a team to make sure each client is taken care of. For this reason, Emilee has been training Kristi to take care of Emilee’s responsibilities while she is on maternity leave in October. We are confident that Kristi will do a great job while Emilee is absent.
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