Biz- Talk Show 10-17-2022

What is small business accounting? Am I required to open a business bank account?
What are some other steps that I need to take before I open up a bank account?
I also talk about the different entities and how to start a business entity.
What are the differences between an LLC, Sole Prop, Partnership and S Corp?

Biz Talk With Sherman 10 21 2022

This tv show gets all of your bookkeeping and tax questions answered.

Answers the questions of:
What is accounting clean up? How to come up with procedures so the accounting mess doesn’t happen again?

Biz-Talk With Sherman 1, 10-27-2022

Answers the questions of: How to develop payroll procedures? What is the difference between an Independent Contractor and an Employee? How to get paid?

Biz-Talk 11-04-2022

Answers these questions: How to establish your Sales Tax Procedures? How do you determine your Tax Obligation?

Biz Talk 11-11-2022

Answers the questions of how to find high quality accounting partners and what is the difference between
an Accountant, a CPA, a Tax Preparer, a Bookkeeper and a Tax Planner

Biz-Talk 11-17-2022

Answers these questions: How to correctly categorize your income and expenses? How this can affect your bottom line-your net profit?

Biz-Talk 12-1-2022

This is the #1 tip that Kristin can give a new business owner!

Biz-Talk 12-8-2022

Answers the questions of how to correctly categorize your expenses for your business? What goes on the Balance Sheet? What goes on the Profit & Loss?

Biz-Talk 12-15-2022

This video gives you the top 3 tips that we can give you for bookkeeping.

Biz-Talk 12-15-2022

Budgeting… Why is it important? How do you do it?

Biz-Talk 12-22-2022

Know your numbers? What the heck does knowing your numbers even mean? What numbers should I be looking at for my business?

Biz-Talk 12-29-2022

What accounting softwares are available for small business owners besides QuickBooks Desktop?

Biz-Talk 1-5-2023

What is Real Time Accounting? Why is it important? How can it help my small business?

Biz-Talk 1-12-2023

1099s- Everything you need to know. Who do you send them to? What happens if I don’t send them on time or at all?
What is the difference between a W9 and a 1099?

Biz-Talk 1-19-2023

Its tax time. Some of the tax questions that came in and are answered during this time are:
how can I write off Meals & Entertainment for my business? What do I need to do with receipts?
I won some money gambling, will I have to pat taxes on it?
Also, what do I need to send my tax preparer for tax time?

Biz-Talk 1-26-2023

Everything you need to know about retainers! Cash basis vs accrual basis account- why do you need both and how to do both.

Biz-Talk 2-02-2023

Need a small business loan? What do banks look for in Small Businesses before they lend to them? We also touch on why small businesses need a CFO.

Biz-Talk 2-09-2023

Everything you need to know about an exit strategy for you business! Bend that Growth Curve by 30% year over year.
Who do you need to talk to before you decide to sell your business? How do you need to prepare for the sale of your business?

Biz-Talk 2-16-2023

We talk about culture and how it is directly related to your profits!
We talked about unit level economics and how this is critical to get down in your first $1m in sales.
Did you know only 7% of all businesses make it to $1k in revenue?
99.9% of all businesses in the U.S. is small business, and we employee over half of the U.S. job market!
So it’s crucial that small businesses are thriving instead of just surviving!

Biz-Talk 2-23-2023

What should you be looking for on your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet?
How often should you be looking at them?
Also making sure that jobs are bid out correctly.

Biz-Talk 3-03-2023

We discuss a lot about advertising. How much to spend on advertising? Is your advertising working?
Are you getting a return on your investment? What are your conversion rates?
Where should you be spending your advertising dollars to get the best bang for your buck?

Biz-Talk 3-09-2023

What are your personal and business goals?
Analyzing the data to figure out what needs to happen in the business in order to make your goals a reality.

Biz-Talk 3-16-2023

One of the tools I use with my CFO clients (and bookkeeping clients) is Profit First.
This is an easy way for business owners to take control of their business and
start making a profit, without changing any of their habits.

Biz-Talk 4-11-2023

One of the tools I offer my CFO clients is PathMaker. PathMaker is a tool that our employees can take to make
sure they are sitting in the right seat, on the right bus. When our employees are working in their sweet spot,
they are more productive, which means the employer is making more money.
When they are not working in their sweet spot, their productivity tanks, and the employer is wasting money at that point.
I am also helping my clients use PathMaker in the hiring process to make sure we find the right employee to begin with.
This is a huge time saver, and money saver- wasting your time hiring and training the wrong people
costs you thousands of dollars in time and money/

Biz-Talk 5-11-2023

We talk about some of the top bookkeeping mistakes that Small Business Owners make.
Like what can they write off? How much to pay in their quarterly estimated tax payments. Etc.

Biz-Talk 5-25-2023

KPI’- Key Performance Indicators-
Why are these important in your business?
What KPI’s you want to start keeping track of and looking at the trends?