Turn Your Summertime Slump Into a Summertime Success Story!!

Summer is officially here! For some of you this means it’s your busy season, but it’s not for everyone. For those of you going through the “summer time slump” don’t stress! This is a perfect time to work on your business. Here are a few ideas on how to turn the summer time slump into summer time success story!

  1. Getaway


Take a vacation. Unwind from the busy season that just ended and take time to relax. The growth and profitability of your business starts with you. There have been studies done that prove vacations not only benefit your healthy, but also your creativity. Encourage your employees to take a vacation as well.


  1. Do training


Summer is a great time to renew your certifications. Use these slow months to learn something new. Go to a conference or take a course to not only grow the business, but grow as an individual. You can even offer reimbursements for your employees if they decide to further their education as a fringe-benefit (which is tax free!)


  1. Review marketing strategies


Use this down time to revamp your website. With technology moving so fast these days there is always a easier, faster way to do something. If you don’t have an IT in-house reach out to a local specialist and get new ideas on how to market your business.


  1. Workflow


All your business software is probably due for an update so why not update your internal software as well. Go over the busy season with your team and see what worked and what didn’t. Brainstorm ideas on how to improve. Is there a new software/app that can streamline the process? Do you need to hire and train someone new? The summer is a great time to explore these options


  1. Networking

Summertime is full of county fairs, charity events, summer camps and so much more. Take these as opportunities to volunteer, sponsor an event or even set up a booth to promote your business. This is a great time to meet potential clients that are involved in your community.

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August” Said Jenny Han. Use this summer to make something magical happen in your business.

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