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Lunch & Learn

Kristin is going to be hosting a virtual lunch and learn with Coach Buddy McMahon. This will be the first of hopefully many interviews on a monthly basis of some of their own clients during this call. 

Keesia Janes, owner of Freedom Property Services will be one of our clients that we will be interviewing during this lunch and learn. She is a client that we work closely with. She always books her monthly call with us and implements our advise. She has been growing rapidly and knows the importance of having the right professional team by her side.

This lunch and learn will be Wednesday, Nov. 9th at 11:30 am, here is the link to sign up for it!


Here is the calendar link for November or December year end reviews.
Please book it now, because Kristin is out of the office a lot in November and December.
She will only have 1 appointment available each day. All will be via zoom.

If you are a monthly bookkeeping client please click down below for your appointment. Monthly bookkeeping client means that you pay Gundersons Bookkeeping monthly to do your bookkeeping. 

If you are not a monthly bookkeeping client and still wish to have a year end review of your account please clink on this link below! FYI- this appointment is not free. 

Kristin has been on a Now Media Biz Talk TV Show for the past two weeks! We are excited to share that the episodes have been aired and we uploaded Kristin’s segment on our youtube! Kristin has been asked to come on the tv show to answer all of the bookkeeping and tax questions that were coming into the TV Studio. 

You can check out the videos by going to GundersonsBookkeeping on youtube or click these links!

Tax Paperwork Pick-Up

If you need to schedule a time to pick up your original tax documents or tax return, please give us a call to schedule an appointment to meet with Lydia.

She will be available to meet you Monday-Thursday from 3 pm-5pm

Call us at 936-372-2661

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