Our Coaching Class is Coming Back!

Our coaching course is back! It will start January 10, 2023. 
It will be every Tuesday at 9 am CST. This course if for any small business owners who are STILL doing their own bookkeeping which could be as an excel or keeping it in a box and delivering it to us to do your taxes? You can sign up by clicking here. 
If you need to know more information, please call the office at 936-372-2661 to learn more- if we don’t answer please leave a message and we will call you back.

This is a FREE networking event for small business owners/sales personnel, who are looking to grow their business through networking, meeting other business owners, and developing referral business partners. Plus it’s fun to get together with like minded people.


Our first lunch and learn was a success! 
On this Lunch and Learn, a business coach and Kristin interviewed 2 of our clients. We went over hiring struggles, and how they are over coming them. We also discussed how they have been getting through the last 2 years of business, their struggles and how they have over come them. You never know what nugget of information you will get from watching the replay. 
You can watch it on our YouTube channel at Gundersons Bookkeeping or you can click the button below!


Kristin’s calendar is filling up very quickly, so schedule your appointment with her as soon as you can. If you don’t see a day available before the end of the year, you can text 936-372-2661 to see if we can squeeze you in.

If you are a monthly bookkeeping client please click the blue box below for your appointment. Monthly bookkeeping client means that you pay Gundersons Bookkeeping monthly to do your bookkeeping. 

If you are not a monthly bookkeeping client and still wish to have a year end review of your account please clink on this link below! FYI- this appointment is not free. 

Mega Success

Kristin attended a business conference before Thanksgiving and she got to hear from a lot of good business influencers. Some of the speakers were JT Foxx, Alex Alexander, Phil Jackson and more.She learned a lot about leadership, marketing and how important it is to have a vision and a purpose. Attending the conference has also inspired her to grow herself, her business, and your business. She has just enrolled in the program to get certified to offer y’all more advisory services- so stay tuned from next month’s announcement!

Above is one of the episodes of The Biz Talk Show that Kristin was in for November. 

You can check out the rest of the videos by going to GundersonsBookkeeping on youtube or click the link above. 

Make sure to click “subscribe” in YouTube so that you don’t miss any of the 10 minute episodes that come out weekly.


If you need to schedule a time to pick up your original tax documents or tax return, please give us a call to schedule an appointment to meet with Lydia.

She will be available to meet you Monday-Thursday from 3 pm-5pm

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