Important Tax Dates

Business Taxes:

Business taxes are due March 15, 2023. If you want us to file your 1120-S or 1065, we need to know ASAP so that we can get it done in time. 

Personal Taxes:

Personal taxes are due April 18, 2023. If you would like us to do your taxes we need the information by March 23 to ensure they are done in time.

Anything that comes in after March 23, we charge a 10% rush fee.

Anything that comes in after April 1, there is no guarantee that we can get to it by the 4/18 deadline, and we will probably have to file an extension for you. Extensions are $56 and are due when you tell us you need an extension.

We will NOT be filling any extensions unless you have requested it AND you have paid for the extension.

On February 25, Kristin got recognized for being in the top 3 for bookkeepers in the WGNO organization. Here is what Kristin would like to share with yall…

“Saturday night, I got recognized for being in the top 3 for bookkeepers in the WGNO organization. I invited my team out to help celebrate. I couldn’t do it without these 2 amazing ladies, Samantha and Kristi, who essentially do all the day to day bookkeeping for all of our clients and hold down the fort while I am in what seems like back to back meetings all day long.
Yes, I still review all tax returns and the monthly bookkeeping, but a lot of my time is now spent meeting with potential clients, networking, growing our referral partners network, onboarding new clients, training, helping our CFO clients, and the TV show.
Also, I would like to recognize Lydia who is our high school senior, she has been with us for the past 2 years and helps with all the day to day admin/paper stuff, meeting clients for tax pick up/drop off, and has a few bookkeeping clients of her own that she helps with.
Finally, my amazing wonderful, husband Kyle, who allowed me to take this crazy step of faith 11 years ago and start Gundersons Bookkeeping. He is the glue that keeps our family together, fed (seriously, I don’t cook), and has always been my biggest supporter.”

We are so excited to get this award and would like to thank our clients as well!

CFO Services

We are now offering CFO Services and we have been receiving a lot of questions. Here is one of the frequently asked questions.

How is this different than working with a business coach or my accountant?
There are some great business coaches out there – but there are also TONS of not-so-great coaches. Most coaches try to lead you through a generic ‘business system’ that doesn’t really fit your business. Plus, most coaches are sales and operations focused and completely ignore the financial impact – because they don’t understand it themselves!
Your accountant has the opposite problem – they completely understand the financial impact but they lack a system to help you strategize on how to have a more profitable business. Plus, that’s not their job. They’re not getting paid to help you strategize. They’re getting paid to make sure the books are accurate and that the IRS is happy.

If you are interested in learning more about CFO services and if it would work for you, schedule a zoom with Kristin by clicking here

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