Information About Tax Extensions


If you are still wanting us to do your taxes for you, your documents were due to us by 4/1/23, so we will now be filing extensions. If you need for us to do your taxes, please let us know ASAP so that we can send you an invoice for the extension. The fee is $56 and must be paid by 4/15 in order for us to file your extension on time.

You can send an email to, or call/text 936-372-2661 to let us know!

Attention Business Owners!

Have you ever wished that you had a C-Suite team on your side so that you weren’t in business by yourself? (C-Suite – as in a CEO, CFO, and COO.)

Do you ever wonder if you are running your business correctly, or wish that you had someone who is qualified to bounce ideas off of?

Do you ever wonder what numbers you should be looking at each month, but just have NO idea what you should be looking at or what they even mean?

Do you wish you had someone to help you navigate or run the operations/HR/people side of your business?

If you said YES to any of these questions, you need to book a meeting with Kristin ASAP. Kristin, and 2 other professionals (a CEO and COO) are coming together to offer a small group mastermind course that starts after tax day! This will be for 3 months, offering 6 sessions. We are limiting the group to 6 people. It will be held at a fraction of the cost because we are looking for testimonials from this Beta Group. We still have 2 spots available. 
Either book a session with Kristin by clicking here OR please fill out this google questionnaire and one of the 3 of us will call you!

Gundersons 360:

We are doing a 360 review, which means that we are getting feedback from employees and clients, all around, to determine what we are doing right, and what we need to work on. Within the next month, we will be sending out a survey monkey for our client’s feedback. If you have any positive or negative feedback, we would love to hear about it to see what we do that you love, and what we need to improve on. 

Please take the time to fill it out so that we as a team and company can make the necessary improvements to move us forward. Thank you!

Bookkeeper Update:

We are sad to announce that Kristi Jordan is no longer with Gundersons Bookkeeping. 

Right now we are working on hiring a new bookkeeper!

Go check out our YouTube channel to catch up on all the new episodes of the Biz Talk TV Show and our new Power CEO’s video. 

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